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Beloit Medical Center provides patients with a wide range of diagnostic imaging services. All diagnostic imaging technologists are board certified in their respective credentialing organizations. Our highly skilled team provides patients with caring, efficient and safe imaging services including:

  • GENERAL X-RAY:  diagnostic procedure which uses a small amount of radiation to create a black and white computer image of internal structures such as bones, heart and lungs.
  • ULTRASOUND:  this is a safe and painless procedure which produces video images of internal body structures by transmitting sound waves through the body. Ultrasound services include echocardiography, obstetrics and vascular scanning.
  • BONE DENSITY:  DEXA Scans, or bone mineral density tests, use x-ray technology to measure bone mass and aid physicians with the diagnosis of bone loss, as well as predicting and assessing risk for future bone fractures.
  • ELECTROCARDIOGRAMS:  also known as an EKG, this test helps physicians identify issues with the electrical activity in the heart.
  • HOLTER MONITORS:  a portable external device used for continuous monitoring of the electrical activity in your heart a