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We offer the following cardiac services:

  • ECHOCARDIOGRAPHY: this is a safe and painless procedure which produces video images of internal body structures by transmitting sound waves through the body.
  • HOLTER MONITORS:  a portable external device used for continuous monitoring of the electrical activity in your heart and employing technology similar to an EKG.
  • ELECTROCARDIOGRAMS:  also known as an EKG, this test helps physicians identify issues with the electrical activity in the heart.
  • KING OF HEARTS MONITOR:  device designed for cardiac patients requiring long-term monitoring, consisting of a recorder worn with two adhesive electrodes. The recorder may be clipped to a belt, slipped into a shirt pocket, or worn around the neck like a pendant. When the patient feels a symptom, a simple press of a button records and stored the ECG surrounding the event.

All cardiac stress testing is performed by our physicians at MCHHS.