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Coronavirus Update

The physicians and staff of Beloit Medical Center, P.A. would like to thank our patient population for staying home and social distancing in an effort to reduce the Corona Virus spread in our area.

We want to reassure all of you that we are as prepared as we can be with the resources available to us. This social distancing and staying at home (within your county or town) needs to continue over the next month or more as Kansas is a couple of weeks behind the predicted peak for our nation. Our communities should not let their guard down as we see more positive patients coming in.

Remember, do not touch your face without thoroughly washing your hands with soap and water for at least 30 seconds first. It is also advisable to immediately wash clothing that you have worn in public and shower as soon as you return home if you have been out and about. It is fine to go outside and get some sunshine and exercise if observing social distancing rules.

Telemedicine with the Beloit Medical Center is up and going and is fairly simple to use. You can call us on the telephone (785-738-2246) for help if you are struggling with technology and staff members will talk you through how to use it and will schedule you appointments. The patient portal is also very useful for communicating in this time of separation. We appreciate all the support we have felt from our patients and thank you for being responsible to not infect others during this time.

Dr. Craig Concannon
Dr. Carl Fugate
Dr. Kris Kimple
Dr. Christine Marozas
Dr. Jason Cheney
Dr. Mariah Crumbaker
Kerri Adams, ARNP