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Colon Cancer Screening

After the age of 50, your risk of colon cancer increases dramatically, and colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths. Four out of 5 people diagnosed with colon cancer have no prior family history, but when caught early, it is 90% curable. You have screening options available and we can discuss those with you.

According to the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force and the American Cancer Society, screening options include the following:

1: Colonoscopy - prep is required / hospital/outpatient clinic / sedated patient / tube inserted and advanced through large intestine to find cancer and precancer / recommended every 10 years

2: Stool DNA - no prep required / at-home test / no diet restrictions / uses stool DNA to detect abnormal cells and blood hidden in stool / recommended every 3 years

3: Fecal Occult Blood Test - no prep required / at-home test / may require diet restrictions / tests for blood hidden in stool / recommended once a year

Which one is right for you? The one that actually gets done and gets you screened for colon cancer.


Some information about COLOGUARD.

• Cologuard is covered by Medicare with no co-pays or deductible amounts. For some Medicare Advantage patients, prior authorizations or advanced determinations may be required by your plan.

• Private insurance will sometimes cover Cologuard, but may have some requirements such as prior authorization, and/or out-of-pocket range from $0 to $649.

• We highly recommend that you call your insurer directly to confirm what they will pay, what they expect you to pay, and if you or your doctor need to file any paperwork BEFORE you use the test.

• When you call your insurer, please provide this information: The only provider of Cologuard is Exact Sciences Laboratories; Cologuard is billed under CPT code 81528; Exact Sciences NPI #1629407069; Exact Sciences Tax ID #46-3095174

Remember, the best procedure for screening for colon cancer is the ONE THAT GETS DONE!