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Beloit Medical Center physicians offer a wide variety of general and specialized outpatient procedures and services, including:

  • Laceration treatment and repair;
  • Fracture care and treatment;
  • Lesion, wart and/or mole removal;
  • Joint injections to treat osteoarthritis and other joint maladies, including steroid and Synvisc treatments;
  • Vasectomy and related care;
  • Venous closure: a procedure used to treat venous reflux disease, a condition which develops when the vein valves that maintain blood flow from the legs back into the heart become damaged or diseased and, as a result, do not close properly. Symptoms include varicose veins, leg pain, swollen limbs, leg heaviness and fatigue, as well as skin changes and ulcers. Our physicians use ultrasound to position a tiny closure catheter inside the diseased vein via a small opening in the skin. Powered by radio-frequency (RF) energy this device delivers heat to the vein wall causing it to shrink and seal the vein closed. With the diseased vein closed, blood reroutes to other healthy veins.
  • Capsule endoscopy: a procedure where the patient ingests a tiny capsule containing a built-in camera. An external monitoring device stays with the patient as the camera passes through their system. The patient returns in 6-8 hours and one of our physicians is then able to view and identify any potential abnormalities in the small intestine between the stomach and the colon.