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Beloit Medical Center evolved from a three-physician group comprised of Dr. H.L. Collins (General Surgeon), Dr. R.A. Dobratz (Family Practice) and Dr. Nienstedt (Family Practice), operating out of a small office located above the current location of S&S Drugstore.

It all began back in 1968 when Dr. Collins, Dr. Dobratz and Joe Evans, a local pharmacist, erected the building at 310 W. 8th street in Beloit, Kansas. For the next 29 years, this site would house the physicians of Beloit Medical Center and other health professionals, including S&S Drugstore which maintained a small pharmacy there for several years. Currently, this building houses the Mitchell County Health Department and serves as an outreach clinic for out-of-town and visiting specialists.

Dr. Collins & Dr. Dobratz were joined in practice by Dr. Martin Klenda (General Surgeon) in 1968. The practice formed a corporation in 1971 and thus, Beloit Medical Center, P.A. was established. Following the sudden passing of Dr. Collins in 1972, the practice was joined by Dr. Douglas Drake (Family Practice).

Dr. John Loney joined the practice in 1977 and stayed with it until 1987 when he moved away. When founding member Dr. Dobratz retired in 1987 Dr. Craig Concannon (Internal Medicine) and Dr. Carl Fugate (Family Practice) joined the ever growing team of physicians. Shortly thereafter in 1989, Dr. Drake left Beloit Medical Center to open a solo practice and in 1992, Dr. Kris Kimple (Family Practice) joined the team.

Dr. Jim Siler (Internal Medicine) joined the team in 1996 and, along with Dr. Klenda, Dr. Concannon, Dr. Fugate and Dr. Kimple, decided to build Beloit Medical Center’s current location at 1005 N. Lincoln, Beloit, Kansas. Upon its completion in 1997, the practice officially relocated and re-opened its doors for business.

The practice expanded once again in 2001 with the addition of Dr. Christine Marozas (Family Practice), and again in 2008, when Dr. Jason Cheney (Family Practice) returned home after completing his family practice residency in Wichita, Kansas to join the practice. That same year, Dr. Siler left the practice leaving Beloit Medical Center in its current form, with a highly-skilled team comprised of six physicians:

  • Martin B. Klenda, M.D., General Surgeon;
  • Craig A. Concannon, M.D., F.A.C.P., Internal Medicine;
  • Carl L. Fugate, M.D., Family Practice;
  • Kris G. Kimple, M.D., F.A.A.F.P., Family Practice;
  • Christine M. Marozas, D.O., Family Practice; and
  • Jason A. Cheney, M.D., Family Practice.

In addition the team is supplemented by one physician extender: Kerri Adams, APRN-C.

Currently, Beloit Medical Center employs 43 people and offers a wide array of medical services.

Despite the many changes through the years, however, there remains one constant:

Our unwavering dedication and willingness to serve our patients, the City of Beloit and the entire Solomon Valley area.

It is a pleasure to care for you and your family, and we look forward to the privilege of doing so for many years to come.