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Beloit Medical Center, P.A.,

is an eight physician, independent, multi-specialty group consisting of five Family Practice physicians, two General Surgeons, and one Internal Medicine Specialist.

The clinic has 45 employees, which includes an APRN-C. The practice also has a satellite clinic in Downs, Kansas. Beloit Medical Center has a long history of maintaining a high level broad-based primary care practice which includes general surgery, internal medicine with ICU and critical care support, as well as family medicine with a very active obstetrical service.

Physician's CornerMartin B. Klenda, M.D., General Surgeon


Colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths, but when caught early, is 90% curable. There are several screening options available, including the treatment COLOGUARD, which you may have seen advertised recently.

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